Our Member Awards

To See the benefits our members receive click the image of the letters below -  Once you have viewed the letters you will receive a copy of the application in the inbox of the email address you provided.

Our members received $750,000,000 plus from colleges and universities they have selected. These are just a few of the hundreds of letters our members receive each year. Make certain you get your share.

These awards come from colleges you select from over 5,000 nation wide.

What kind of schools are these awards from?

Every accredited college and university in the country, with the exception of most community colleges, have discretionary resources they make available if you know how to approach them. Our three decades of experience with planning and funding the education of our members provides you with immediate access to something you just can't buy...  
             Knowledge & Know-how !

A few words from one of our members -  Completed both undergraduate and graduate studies using our process.  If you have a year or more of college ahead of you,  (no matter what your current status) we can help. 
                   Let our experience, know how and The Power of Working Together work for you.