You can be meeting new clients . . . in just a few days

You can be meeting new clients . . . in just a few days.  Now that you have learned about the value you can bring to your community and to your practice, getting started is a simple process.   Let's first find out if you are good at speaking with parents and students about how to get FREE money for college that you don't have to pay back.  How about referring a college planning and funding process to some families you know or that we introduce to you and YOU decide if this market is for you.
 Here is a video clip from the CBS TV documentary titled "Sunday Morning" which explains why people should work with a college consultant to get the best value for their student.  High school counselors are not trained on how to help parents and students pay for college and since 1980, that is all we do.  Watch it and see if you can see the opportunities in your community and how they can open doors for new relationships for your business.  Thanks for watching.



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College Consultants and our network of professionals volunteer their time to serve the college planning and funding needs of selected students in their communities on a "first come" basis.