Working Together in Your Community

Organized by a group of community professionals in 1980, our mission is to make college affordable for every college bound student and their family.

Resources are made available through over 5,000 public and private colleges and universities throughout the United States. Every accredited college has these resources to help your student attend... if you know how to approach them and which schools to approach. The available funds exceed 600 billion dollars. You can deliver these dollars.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor - People Helping People            

Built on the philosophy of "neighbor helping neighbor" you can bring resources to your community while providing valuable resources for students you may already know.

We currently work with over 5,000 community professionals and volunteers who provide value added services through their specialty fields and bring millions of dollars to families they serve for over four decades.

In the beginning

From 1970 through 1980 we subscribed to the conventional approach of accumulating money to fund future education expenses. Tax tools like UGMA, UTMA, 529 plans and other IRS sponsored accumulation vehicles have lost their appeal due to the Department of Education Federal Methodology giving less than favorable treatment to these assets for many students. Endowment funds are available to students who know what to do to secure them.

Since 1980 we have connected members with over $1,000,000,000 (September 1, 2017)             

In collaboration with college and community foundations we have assisted our members in securing over 3/4 Billion dollars in funding dollars for college that do NOT have to be repaid. These resources come from former students and Alumni who give these resources to their college to attract the best and brightest candidates to their campus.

Here is a proof of concept video to explain the general process. If this makes sense to you, view the videos below for additional details.

Here is an overview of benefits you bring to your community as one of our community volunteers.

Here is an overview of the services we provide for families you would bring to our organizaton.

If you have questions or would just like to discuss this service to help you bring value to your community while building your business and community service outreach, call us toll free or send your email to: [email protected]


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College Consultants and our network of professionals volunteer their time to serve the college planning and funding needs of selected students in their communities on a "first come" basis.