About Us

                                                 Started by 5 families in 1980


The Power of Working Together, POWT, was started by a group of 5 families in 1980. The concept and vision began in 1975 through the encouragement of Russell Thayer Tutt, Sr. of the El Pomar Foundation of Colorado. With research and support of a group of interns from Colorado College in the 1970's, POWT makes available valuable information about the process of college selection as well as the application and funding process. Understanding the process is the first step to a successful admission to the school of your choice.

We have assisted our members from all over the US in receiving over $1 BILLION in resources that do NOT have to be repaid. Neighbor helping neighbor through the POWT process.

We will help you:
  • Select the college that provides the most financial aid for you or your student
  • Understand how the financial aid system works.
  • Fill out the complex financial aid forms completely and accurately.
  • Lower your family contribution to increase your aid through proven strategies.
  • Calculate your eligibility for financial aid in advance of application.
  • Interpret your award letters from various colleges and universities.
  • Negotiate with colleges and universities for greater financial aid.

... and assist you in receiving ...Tuition Discounts

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and State Grants. University Based Grants. Scholarships Endowment Awards. Work-Study Programs. Stafford, Perkins, PLUS Loans Gift Scholarships and much more . . . Through the Power of Working Together.